Monday, 30 May 2011

For the first time I feel like an adult

For the first time In my life I feel the burdens of being an adult...I was entrusted with some pretty devastating news and I had to swear, that for now I cannot tell anyone, I see how blissfully unaware people are and it makes me sad, people just think I'm being moody but Its hard. Usually I am good at pretending things are not happening, I can block it out to worry about it when it is time to worry about it, but this time its different, I spent the night in silent tears and today I feel like a walking ghost, Like nothing I do is really real. I hope tomorrow, the news will be good, but if not, at least I wont have to deal with it alone.

This experience has really made me appreciate my mother and how much she has had to bare on those shoulders of hers alone.

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